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The overall secure browsing experience is improved. Likewise, it will tell you if the URL you are entering is legitimate.

I know that Google is not the best company when it comes to privacy but they make one hell of a browser nevertheless. Adobe provides more details about what’s collected, and the program doesn’t look as bad as it might sound. Adobe’s web page claims it only collections information about your browser type, Adobe Reader version, and the features you use in the extension itself. Adobe claims it doesn’t collect usage information about your web browsing, as you might suspect from the extensive permissions the software asks for. At the moment, this extension is only offered on Windows, and only for Google Chrome.

That way, the memory from those tabs gets freed up and at the same time you have a nice neat list of sites to refer to. You can arrange the tabs into categorized groups and lock them to prevent accidental deletion. After you go through this list, make sure to read our other lists of best Chrome extensions for productivity, best Chrome extensions for web developers and 10 more great Chrome extensions. Part of why Chrome is so good is the sheer number of extensions you can install. Firefox also has a good extension selection but somehow Chrome still seems to have the best ones for what you need. Despite playing around with various browsers over the years, I always end up coming back to Chrome.

Perhaps its biggest advantage is that it allows you to select the format of the video. FLV, MP4, AVI, ASF, MPEG… And yes, it supports the download of high-resolution videos, at least for the time being. Although the name suggests otherwise, this extension has nothing to do with the VLC media player. Its only function is to download videos from any website that hosts videos on its server. This extension is part of the vGet extension conglomerate developed by Manuel Braun.

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It’s free to add on this extension, and because there are no more ads, there isn’t going to be anything slowing down of your browsing experience. If for some reason you want to turn advertisements on for a specific site, that’s a feature that can be utilized.

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  • Microsoft Teams is a team collaboration software for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Make the most of video conferencing and team collaboration projects by utilizing the right software for the job.
  • Todo is an intuitive cloud-based tool designed to help businesses organize and complete tasks.
  • This task manager utilizes a “Getting Things Done” philosophy that assists you with staying focused on specific tasks and can give you notifications and alerts to remind you throughout the day.

You have probably entered a domain name at one time or another and misspelled something. Chrome doesn’t realize that you have made an error, so they take you to whatever site you told it to. This extension will auto-correct those mistakes so that you don’t accidentally end up somewhere that you shouldn’t be. This extension allows for the moderator to keep a hidden browser history that is protected by a password. Even when the user tries to wipe out the history, it can’t be removed. Like vGet Extension, it cannot download videos from YouTube due to the recent policy update.

Together with vGet Cast, it is capable of downloading videos from any web page and transferring them to a TV set using DLNA technology. Beyond the functions just mentioned, the most remarkable thing about this extension is that it supports the download of large files. It also allows users to download several files at once Skype and create a blacklist so that advertising for the videos is automatically removed. Known for its version of Mozilla Firefox, Video DownloadHelper is compatible with most websites today. Pushbullet is actually quite an old extension and the developers had really grand plans for it. But it seems to have fallen by the wayside over the years. You can right-click on a page, choose the PushBullet option and then choose the device to send the page to.