Letter from the Ontario’s Leader of NDP

May 18, 2017

Dear friends;

On behalf of Ontario’s New Democrats, it is my pleasure to bring greetings to everyone attending the African Union flag raising at Queen’s Park, and celebrating the 16th anniversary of the founding of the African Union.

Ontarians of African descent have contributed so much to this province, and their acheivements and triumphs should be recognized and celebrated by all Ontarians. Our province’s diversity and inclusion benefit all Ontarians, and in honouring the anti-colonial history of the African Union, we are reminded that we must always have the courage to stand against injustice, racism, and prejudice whenever we see it.

New Democrats are happy to join all Ontarians, and people around the world, in celebrating Africa Day, and the founding of the African Union.


Frank Scarpitti

Mayor, City of Markham