Letter from the Premier of Ontario

May 18, 2017


On behalf of the Government of Ontario, I offer warm greetings to everyone celebrating the 54th Anniversary of the African Union and the Fifth Anniversary of the Sixth Region Declaration.

From the beginning of my career as a public servant, I have seen the power of co-operation. It promotes respect and mutual understanding, allows us to pool talents and resources, magnify our strengths, and achieve common goals.

I applaud the work of the African Union in promoting a strong co-operative spirit among African countries and in the African diaspora. I thank the members of African Unity 6th Region Canada Foundation for organizing this event to raise awareness for the goals of the African Union amongst the African Canadian community.

I’d like to thank the members of our African Canadian communities for all they have brought to Ontario’s success story. Their presence here strengthens our links with Africa and helps us build a better global community, now and for the future.

Please accept my best wishes for a meaningful celebration.

Kathleen Wynne