Letter from the President of Ontario Black History Society

I am delighted to bring greetings for this auspicious event today.

At the OBHS, it is our mission to preserve, and promote Black History in Canada. We educate the public about its significance in shaping today’s society. Black history is Canadian history, black history is international history. With that mandate at the core of all the work we do, it is an honour to celebrate the 54th Flag Raising for Global Africa Day . This day pays homage to Africans in the diaspora who have contributed to the upliftment of people . We also reflect upon African unity emphasizing strength in numbers.

I’d like to extend congratulations to the committed women and men who dedicated so much time and energy to organizing this day. Thank you African Unity Sixth Region

The OBHS is proud to stand beside you in the effort of keeping our black history well-known, and respected.

Thank You and God bless.

Nikki Clarke

President, Ontario Black History Society