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As part of the preparations for this great opportunity, a number of Regional, Sub Regional, National and local meetings will be organized for the African Diaspora Community in the several parts of the defined, conceptual Sixth Region.
As in other parts of the world, formal preparation meetings have already taken place such as in the United States of America, Latin America, Brazil, Canada, the Caribbean and in Europe (in the UK and in Holland).

The primary purpose of this document was to provide the African Embassies in Canada with relevant information towards motivating the political and strategic decision-making process necessary to convene the up-coming first AU African Diaspora Canada Regional “Town Hall” Consultation Assembly. Secondly, it is to present The Canadian Model for organizing the Diaspora community as a working reference to be possibly adopted in the rest of the North American  Region. Thirdly, a summary of the Diaspora Organizing Method advocated by Canada is presented, in compliance with standing AU guidelines. Finally, recommendations are made, based on this method, for planning the First AU African Diaspora Canada Regional “Town Hall” Consultatative Conference RCC.